Print options
Printing the series either on Fine Art paper or as ChromaLuxe offers the possibility of achieving color-intensive results and enhancing the visual impact of the artwork.
Printing on Fine Art paper offers a classic and traditional aesthetic that is often appreciated by art printers and collectors. Fine Art papers are characterized by their high-quality texture, durability and color accuracy. They allow for precise reproduction of fine details, high color saturation, and a wide range of colors. Printing on Fine Art paper emphasizes the artistic features of your works and gives them a unique feel.
On the other hand, printing as ChromaLuxe offers a modern and smooth surface that gives the colors exceptional brilliance and depth. ChromaLuxe is a special printing process in which the images are transferred to coated aluminum plates. This creates a durable, high-resolution and glossy surface that reflects light and enhances the visual effect of your artwork. Printing on ChromaLuxe increases contrast and makes colors appear more vibrant. One more not insignificant aspect of ChromaLuxe should be mentioned: ChromaLuxe prints have longevity despite direct sunlight, can be hung in damp areas, and can be easily wet cleaned using conventional means. 
The choice between Fine Art paper and ChromaLuxe depends on personal preference, the desired aesthetic expression, and the context in which the art will be presented. If you prefer a more traditional display that emphasizes texture and feel, printing on Fine Art paper might be the right choice. However, if you want a modern and bright presentation that maximizes visual impact, printing on ChromaLuxe might be a good option.