All together a very long story. In a nutshell: I have visited the Agia Triada monastery many times. A place of rest and inner retreat. In 2013, after numerous visits to the monastery, I met Father Symeon. In silence and with a very peaceful charisma he sat at the entrance of the monastery. I did not want to bother him and didn't ask for a photo, but then he turns to me and so I asked with a gesture to my small travel camera, if I could take a picture of him. He nodded friendly. After taking the picture, I thanked him - he waved me over. Somewhere out of his monk's robe he pulled out a small drawing and indicated that he wanted to give it to me. I was very surprised - I take a picture of him and he gives me a drawing!? It was a touching moment. On the back of the drawing was a Greek text that I could not read at first - "Father Symeon" and a number that I interpreted as a telephone number (... and later dialed). This is the beginning of a long story in the course of which I sat in silence with Father Symeon in the archway of the monastery sometime later on a beautiful morning with apple wedges and a schnapps.

The reason why I took photos of the cats? Well, once upon a time there was an English lady who lived close by the monastery and had many cats. After the lady died nobody took care of the cats, except for the monks in the monastery. And so the monks feed and pet twenty, thirty or more cats until today. 

From the series "The monk and the cats"
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