The Monk and his Cats (2014)1 Monastery - Holy Monastery of Agia Triada of Jagarolon

1 monk - Father Symeon

1 apple

1 schnapps

1 small painting

1 Academy Award (Oscar) for the best camera in "Alexis Sorbas"

1 english woman

100 cats


You see, it is a very long story. If you want to know all of it, for example what the academy award (Oscar) has to do with it, contact me :-)

In a nutshell: I have visited the Agia Triada monastery many times. A place of rest and inner retreat. Especially in the early morning, before the first tourist buses arrive.

In 2013, after numerous visits to the monastery, I met Father Symeon. In silence and with his very peaceful and special charisma, he sat at the entrance of the monastery. I did not want to bother him and disturb his silence, but then he turns to me with a look of approval and so I asked with a gesture to my small travel camera, if I could take a photo of him. He nodded friendly. After taking the picture, I thanked him and he waved me over. Somewhere out of his monk's robe he pulled out a small drawing and indicated that he wanted to give it to me. I was very surprised - I took a picture of him and he gives me a present?! It was a very touching moment with great power. On the back of the drawing I found a text with greek letters that I could not read. Later at home I deciphered the text with online help - "Father Symeon" and a number that I interpreted as a telephone number, which I actually dialed a few weeks later. This is the beginning of a long story, the course of which I then sat in the archway of the monastery one morning later with apple wedges and a schnapps in silence with Father Symeon.

I took pictures of the cats, the many cats that live in the monastery and are fed by the monks.

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