From the series "The House of Determination".

On September 16, 2018, Eliud Kipchoge sets a new marathon world record at the 45th Berlin Marathon - 2:01:39. Will and determination are just two of the many features needed.
The house of determination has many rooms and many rules
If you want to finish successfully, then ...
accept help that pushes you
show style
show some crazyness now and then
watch your step
stai fresco
overcome pain
overcome obstacles
keep fighting
stay positive ...
... even when it gets tough
keep clear vision
keep your awareness
keep your faith
keep going
show leadership
yes, show leadership!
stay focussed 
it might be a good sign when a king comes along your way, even when it is a weired one
recognize helping hands as helping hands
meditate now and then
stay on your path even when others go other ways
show persistance
use brute will and inspire others
use brute will to inspire others
keep rollin' even if the road leads uphill
use brute will and inspire others
keep fightin'
don't forget to drink
use force to reach the top
and most of all - leave the dark past behind you!
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